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"The blending of Reiki and massage seemed
like a logical progression...

"[Reiki-ssage] far outpaced my expectations!"
Massage & Bodywork Magazine

*** The direct quotes on this page may reference the word "massage", but the Reiki Council emphasizes 
that Reiki-ssage is a form of body therapy that is recognized specifically as not a form of massage therapy.  
The State of Illinois, Wisconsin, and others have title protection for licensed massage therapists, and
in many of those states, only Licensed Massage Therapists may identify their work as "massage".

Here's what Students Say about Reiki-ssage
I came to learn the massage*** and learned so much more about healing and being a healer.  That was such a gift for me.

V.W. Joliet, Illinois

 I always thought there should be an easier way to integrate Reiki & Massage***.  It made so much sense!

T.S. Lemont, Illinois

I just took the class and I'm booked solid for two weeks.  I've got a waiting list!

V.F. Seneca, Illinois

My perception is so much stronger.  I've seen things and felt things I never could experience [before this class].

C.C. Wood Dale, Illinois

Powerful, loving, full of possibilities for future professional career as a healer.  The System is AMAZING!!!!

J.O. Chicago, Illinois

This workshop was outstanding, excellent, and yes, better than my highest expectations.  It was truly the apex, culmination of the learning and growth from the previous workshops.

P.R. Niles, Illinois


Here's what Clients Say about Reiki-ssage
It is like a massage*** that keeps going for days!

J.C. Naperville, Illinois

That was awesome!  I don't know whether to tell everyone or keep this my secret.

L.B. Palatine, Illinois

Massage is great, but Reiki-ssage is so much more than that.  Regular massage will never the good enough again!

Dr. A.K. Naperville, Illinois


I've had massage, but that was unbelievable!

J.S. Bartlett, Illinois


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     or     630-926-5891

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