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Learn Reiki-ssage!

Discover Reiki-ssage
Join nationally-recognized teachers and healers Rick and Connie Vrenios for a fun and inspiring hands-on workshop.

Reiki-ssage has already helped therapists make quantum leaps in their healing practice.  This weekend can literally transform the way you practice healing!  Find out why chiropractors, medical doctors, and even hospitals are hiring practitioners or sending their nurses and therapists to learn this fast growing system.

Reiki-ssage is a systematic approach to healing.  It works directly with the physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies simultaneously to create an integrated, "whole-self" healing.  As a result, the three bodies can work better together for greater overall health.

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Learning Reiki-ssage with Hands-on Practice

At this workshop, you will learn...
  • An easy-to-provide, proven method for integrating touch therapies, energywork, and spiritual healing for clients seated in a chair or resting on a massage table.
  • The nature of health, disease, and vitality from a physical, etheric, and astral perspective.
  • Discoveries supported by science and metaphysical wisdom
    how energy and energywork supports health and activates the natural healing processes.
  • To magnify your awareness and perception of energies and the subtle bodies when working with your clients.
  • A pathway for expanding your healing intuition that really works.
  • An understanding of how to create, maintain, and use Sacred Space concepts in healing within the ancient meanings.
  • How to create an environment that truly supports healing, versus just providing a therapy room.
  • A powerful method of spiritual healing that can act as the cornerstone, enhancing any healing therapy you provide.
  • The secrets to working a full day of sessions and finishing strong and feeling great!

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You will receive...
During this information-packed weekend, you will receive an outstanding workbook, hands-on training, lecture and discussion on the philosophy of healing, and a certificate of completion.

Massage Therapists can receive 16 contact hours for continuing education by attending this workshop.


Completion of Reiki I training with any qualified teacher.


Attend the Energy Healing Basics class presented on the Friday evening before the Reiki-ssage workshop.


Registration Fees...
The Reiki-ssage I Workshop is only $265 per person!

A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required with your registration to reserve your seat.

Seating is limited.  Advance Registration is Required.

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Reiki-ssage Workshop Series



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